Buttocks firming and lifting treatment

Life in a rush, sitting at the desk for long hours or driving the car all of these are the reasons why our butt becomes flatened and loses its round shape. Moreover according to beauty canons our buttocks should be firm, lifted and have a shape of an apple. However buttocs firming is not a simple process which requires excersising especially squats and proper diet. The good idea is to enhance buttocks firming with professional treatments, which will help to achieve desired results. In Body Shape Garden we use modern vacum massage to lift the tissues and mud cosmetics to smoothe and firm the skin. In addition professional cell stimulation reshapes the selected body parts.

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Buttocks firming and lifting treatment

Our treatment will not replace regular excercises but will help to: 

  • model and lift your buttocks not to look flat
  • give round shape to your butt 
  • reduce cellulite on tighs and backside
  • decrease of unwanted fat deposits on the sides and hips

One session consists of 4 steps:

  • First: Icoone Laser treatment – innovative 3 in 1 technology joining the strength of vacuum massage wit microstimulation, laser radiation and led light to give visible improvement even after one session
  • Second: smoothing and lifting intensive algi body wrap, 40 mins relax while wearing this mask and foil
  • Third: 20 mins session in sauna infrared to get rid of toxins 
  • Fourth: remodelling finish cream

What results can you expect after buttocks firming treatmnet in Body Shape Garden?

  • rounder and lifted buttocs
  • firmer skin on your backside and upper thighs
  • increase in collagen and elastin production, which rejuvenate the tissues
  • cellulite and fat deposits reduced
  • the improvement of quality of skin


  • 1 session – 279 zł
  • package of 5 sessions- 1249 zł
  • package of 10 sessions – 2199 zł

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