What is the Icoone Laser?

Icoone is a medical device, which action is based on innovative NATURAL and NON INVASIVE technology for FACE and BODY treatments that gives incredible, effective and fast results. Icoone Laser joins 3 effective methods (used in aesthetic medicine also separately) like intensive vacum massage, warming laser radiation and firming led light. The results of treatments are so spectacular, because not only it works on skin surface, but on deeper tissues or even muscles as well. That is why, we can cure few problems in the same time.

Icoone Laser 3 in 1 technology

The innovative led and laser technology associated with Roboderm microstimulation helps to achieve better and faster results providing free simultaneous actions – draining, modelling and firming. 
The laser and led act on cells membranes pores and determine the activation of mitochondria that are the energetic centrals of the cells. It allows to activate many cellular processes that are responsible for improvement of tissues oxygenation and rejuvenation.
Moreover, the roboderm technology prevents from stretching of the skin, what is a big problem in similar devices. That’s why our treatment may be applied even on delicate and loose skin.
 In Body Shape Garden we use Icoone treatments to:
  • reduce all effects of aging like wrinkles, loose skin or double chin
  • face lifting
  • neck and cleavage rejuvenation
  • body shaping and modelling – all parts of the body 
  • fiming of loose skin also on arms and knees 
  • reduce cellulite
  • reduce scars 
 Each session consists of 20 minutes base treatment and 10 minutes selected parts treatments.

What are the differences between Icoone Laser and similar devices?

First of all the spectacular efficiency. Icoone in BSG is a medical not a cosmetic version. It works with strongest efficiency, so you can see results after each treatment in a short period.

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endermologia Sopot
Icoone Laser Sopot
Pre and after results



Single treatment:

  • base + 2 selected parts      199 zł 
  • base + 3 selected parts       229 zł
  • base + 4 selected parts      249 zł 

Series of 5 treatments:

  • base + 2 selected parts       899 zł 
  • base + 3 selected parts       999 zł
  • base + 4 selected parts       1049 zł 

Serie 10  zabiegów:

  • base+ 2 selected parts    1499 zł
  • base + 3 selected parts    1699  zł
  • base + 4 selected parts    1899 zł 

costume price: 30 zł