Wrinkles reduction

While we are getting older, our skin becomes thinner, produces less colagen and loses density and firmness.  In addition, the first wrinkes apprear on our face and nesck as a reuslt of our facial expression and movemnts. Free radicals, uv radiation exert negative influence on our complexion and cause its aging. Morever, stress or unhealty diet even worsen this situation. 

Fortunately wrinkles, don’t have to stay permanently on your face. There are effective methods of wrinkle reduction and smoothing.

Redukcja zmarszczek Sopot

Wrinkles reduction treatment

Our  non invasive wrinkles reduction treatment  consists of:

  • Icoone Laser programme has been made to smooth deep wrinkles and remove smaller ones.
  • Face botox mask – non invasive mask relaxing face muscles and preventing wrinkles appearance

Time: 1h

What results can you expect after the treatment?

  • effect of wrinkle smoothing 
    in eyes and lips areas
  • smothed forehead, neck and cleavage
  • puffy eyes reduced
  • the improvement in skin firmness and elacity
  • tissues oxigenation, naural collagen and elastin stimulation

This wrinkles reduction treatment is an alternative for injected botox, HiFu, RF or other invasive anti wrinkle traetments.


  • 1 session – 279 zł
  • package of 5 sessions- 1249 zł
  • package of 10 sessions – 2199 zł

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