After pregnancy treatment

Having a baby is one of the happiest time in woman’s life. However, a new beloved member of family cost us also a lot of patience and effort. Furthermore pregnancy period sometimes leaves the signs on our body, which are uttelry natural, but we would like to reduce their apperance. Tummy after pregnancy becomes a bit fat and saggy. The skin in this area is loose and streched. Our after pregnancy treatment make tummy looking similarly to what it was before.

zabiegi po ciąży

Tummy after pregnancy, cleveage after breast feeding

After giving birth we usually cope with:

  • fat deposits on belly, waist and tighs
  • loose skin on tummy and breast
  • strechmarks
  • lack of breast firmness
  • possible scar after caesarean section
Our after pregnancy treatment for tummy and cleveage after breast feeding consists of following steps:
  • Step one: Icoone Laser treatment – innovative 3 in 1 technology joining the strength of vacuum massage wit microstimulation, laser radiation and led light. 
  • draining and firming algi body wrap
  • sauna infrared
  • remodelling finish cream

What results can you expect after the treatment?

  • reduction of fat in waist and tummy
  • body shaping
  • breast lifting
  • firming of the skin on tummy and waist 
  • scars less visible
  • the improvment of quality of the skin


  • 1 session – 279 zł
  • package of 5 sessions- 1249 zł
  • pakacge of 10 sessions – 2199 zł

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